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Poll - vertrouwen in de media

-2 Jouke, 22 oktober 2007 20:07
Jouke"The Media" what do you mean by that? the newspapers? I read multiple news papers. Television? I have multiple inputs varying from al-jazeera to cnn. Interner? well, you get the picture, imo this poll is bad :(
1 eXec, 22 oktober 2007 20:10
eXecI meant your general view of all the public media, newspapers, television, radio, you use.
0 Jouke, 22 oktober 2007 20:18
Joukethen you should have made a poll: if someone tells you something, you: 1. accept it because it must be true if someone says so. 2. depends on the facts and figures, i'll make my own decision. 3. I won't accept anything! even it has a good base and goor arguments
0 Jouke, 22 oktober 2007 20:20
JoukeI think everyone would vote 2. In your case I trust my 'media', but i'll gather facts by means of multiple media, I don't have one source. I then make my own decision as to wich is wrong and right.
0 Necrathex, 23 oktober 2007 08:50
NecrathexObjective media doesn't exist, they're all commercial organisations trying to make money and serving their customers. Doesn't mean you can't extract information or build an opinion on them, but they can't be "trusted" with giving you your direct opinion on news.
1 eXec, 23 oktober 2007 16:19
eXecNot all public television/radio stations are (run by) commercial organizations, for example the BBC and Dutch Publieke omroepen. But you can still argue about, if being really objective in providing news is even possible, there is always a choice to be made in order/length/source of news items and the formulation of the contents. But this poll should still give some insight in the number of people who distrust the public media completely. :)