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Poll - supermarkt

1 Roosviseetje, 15 februari 2008 13:11
RoosviseetjeI prefer the Albert Hein but due to distance issues, I buy most at the C1000.
0 gna, 15 februari 2008 13:14
gnaAlbert Heijn just has everything (organic, strong own brand, luxury products)... Even the cheap products ;) Euroshopper \o/
1 Jouke, 15 februari 2008 13:31
JoukeAlbert Hein is closest, but before the 'price war' I went to c1000 wich was a little further.
0 gna, 16 februari 2008 10:20
gnathe campus Coop doesn't even account for a supermarket? ^_^
1 barlow, 08 mei 2008 23:38
barlowNuttig om dit in het engels te doen :P
0 Jouke, 09 mei 2008 02:27
Joukegna, 16 February 2008 10:20:
the campus Coop doesn't even account for a supermarket? ^_^

It moved to an other location and got bigger. It's better now than before, but the prices are still very very high, so I still don't count the campus coop as a candidate.