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Poll - orgaandonor

Ben je geregistreerd als donor?rating

Voor meer informatie over hoe u donor kunt worden:
Ja, ik heb toestemming gegeven1945%
Ik heb geregistreerd dat ik geen toestemming geef37%
Ik heb geregistreerd dat mijn nabestaanden erover beslissen37%
Ik heb geregistreerd dat een specifieke persoon beslist00%
Nee, ik ben niet geregistreerd1740%
42 stemmen

Nieuwste reacties:

1 Necrathex, 28 november 2007 11:39
NecrathexYou need to be 12 years old, not 18.
0 eXec, 26 november 2007 21:59
eXecI didn't know it was possible to register online until now, so I did (and changed my vote). I did get the form when I became 18, but I couldn't decide (or even think about it) at the time.
0 Jouke, 19 november 2007 13:49
JoukeI think the same as you necra, altough until now I was too lazy to register as a donor.
2 Necrathex, 19 november 2007 12:31
NecrathexI've been a donor since I was ~18 years old I think, I believe my body is useless to me when I die, better for someone else to have :)

You can register as a donor online, if you have a DigiID.